The Guesthouse Við Fjörðinn

in Þingeyri is a small cozy place with a long history.

Our guesthouse offers simplicity and coziness. 

During our workshops in spring and autumn we have exclusive use this boarding house (which gives us some privacy). It is only a five minutes walk from our house to our meeting room, restaurant or to the pool.


Sirrý and Friðfinnur´s guesthouse has a very personal note. The couple puts great emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection. Therefore they have decided to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and also to dry the wash outside, so you will sleep in fresh and natural fragrant bedding.

The workshop price is based on double room accommodation with a sink. The boarding house also has a number of double rooms without sinks and several differently equipped single rooms to choose from. That is why the price of accommodation can vary it is depending on your your.

The house has wireless internet.                  


The price includes full board with snacks and a festive farewell dinner with a leg of lamb and traditional starters and desserts.

Breakfast will be served at our accommodation. Sirrý and Friðfinnur value Icelandic tradition. You may therefore find something uniquely Icelandic for breakfast - and of course sometimes milk directly from the farm. All baked goods, jams and pies are homemade.


The Simbahöllin Restaurant

The rest of the meals we have at the Simbahöllin, a historic general store built in 1915, which has been lovingly restored and is now a cozy restaurant. The owners are the Belgian Wouter and the Danish Janne. Wouter is responsible for the horse rental and bicycle hire and Janne manages the restaurant. Simbahöllin is known for their particularly good food and the nice atmosphere!