We offer Guided Tours through the Westfjords of Iceland - small groups

The Icelandic Westfjords 

- Natural Remote Paradise away-from-it-all 

The Icelandic Westfjords are leaving a big impression on tourists because of their beautiful landscape  and special culture. The solitude, stillness and untouched nature are making them an insider tip for visitors. Please give me the opportunity to introduce you and bring you closer to my adopted home.


Learning Language

For individuals whenever you want

We offer a variety of opportunities to learn Icelandic locally in combination with nature and culture.

Whether beginner or advanced, with and without disabilities, younger or more mature: The Icelandic teacher Sólrún and I, the new Icelander Helga put the program according to your wishes together. Depending on the time and interest, it is also possible to visit Icelandic courses on site.

There is the possibility to participate in a versatile leisure activities such as sightseeing, sports activities, or learning a musical instrument.


Women Trips in small groups

7 days August 21th to 27th 2016 (only for women)

10 days September 20th to 29th 2016 (only for women)

Look forward to a truly unique and enjoyable trip from Reykjavik across the varied landscapes of Iceland and around the Westfjords, where we show you our adopted home. Experience an exceptional type of tourism – cocooned in the beautiful nature of the Westfjords – a trip that offers it all – time for yourself, to unwind and relax as well as adventures in a magical landscape with likeminded people. The basic concept of Islandfrauen is to make you feel cared for in a pleasant atmosphere with nice people, to get to know the country and its people.


One week Ísafjörður 

For individuals whenever you want

Ísafjörður and its surrounding area offers varied and interesting activities that I will put together according to their interests and seasonal dishes: sightseeing, events, sports activities, cultural, nature explorations or contacts with locals.

A visit in the autumn or winter allows you a completely different experience of our country than in the summer months: autumn with countless blueberries, northern lights in starry nights, "White Christmas", New Year fireworks or the glowing brightness of the snowy landscape as soon as the days get longer.