Our intentions

We want to create wonderful memories with you and for you. We want to experience something together, that you will like to remember back home. Unforgettable memories really make a difference for people and always accompany us.

The courses are designed to provide the opportunity to laugh and be thoughtful, to enjoy and brave the weather, to listen to yourself and to others, to share and be understood and much more.

We have chosen the location Westfjords because Helga lives here and she knows a lot about her adopted country. For Helga the beauty of the Westfjords is simply fascinating: The long fjords with the open sea in the background, the high 700-900 m mountains framing the fjords and of course the people, characterized by harsh climate and centuries of isolation.


And beyond - Environmental protection and sustainability

Our guest house offers simplicity and coziness. This is intentional to make our offers affordable and therefore accessible to more women and the same time have the focus on the the really important experiences for you.

We have deliberately chosen the guesthouse Við Fjörðinn and the restaurant Simbahöllin because they promote environmental protection and sustainability. The food is cooked right there and is left as unprocessed as possible. Of course environmentally friendly cleaning products are used.

We are committed to sustainability, ensuring that nature can be used by people without being destroyed so that many more generations can enjoy this healthy nature. Therefore, ISlandfrauen are planning their outdoor activities in a way that nature is as little affected as possible. Herbs that we collect are definitely not on the list of endangered plants.





We are a member of Forum anders reisen in Germany, an organization that offers only sustainable travels. We are also member in the following organizations and unions: Icelandic Tourism Board - Westfjord section, Icelandic Sage &Heritage Association, Organisation of Environmental Protection in the Icelandic Westfjords.

Because we love Iceland and its nature and culture one of our main concerns is to actively participate in the regular planning meetings for construction, environmental protection and tourism.

If you want to know more about our goals please contact us.