What needs to be considered concerning your wardrobe?

As the temperature depends very much on the sunshine it can be very cold on cloudy days. So please take winter and spring wardrobe. Outdoor clothing should be wind- and rainproof. You need a hat, scarf and gloves. Footwear should be waterproof and adequate (hiking boots).

What things should we bring?

On the right you find a list of recommended items and clothing.

Can you drink the water in Iceland?

Yes, even from the streams.

How many people live Þingeyri? 263

How many people live in Iceland? 323,000

How many people live in the West Fjords? 6500

How old are the Westfjords? 13-14 Mio years old

How big is the seminar group? 8-12 Women

Why did you choose Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese method of motion and healing (similar to yoga). The exercises of Qi Gong, are easier for me (Helga), because I use to suffer from rheumatic pain. I also have more fun doing these flowing exercises and also their meditative variant. In the last two years I have done Qi Gong at least once daily?. Many of my symptoms have since disappeared. Therefore, we decided also to enable you to access to this method.

Recommended clothing

multi-functional clothing, several of the layers to put off or on depending on weather

water- and windproof outdoor clothing

scarf, hat and gloves

good hiking boots

comfortable clothing for Qi Gong

thick socks

gear for swimming

Anything else

small daypack

small thermos

camera and USB stick (at least for the workshop time for you)

slip protection for shoes ice (spikes)