Awake your Energies  

18th – 24th September 2016 

Experience warmth and cosiness
Use your inner energies

When autumn with its stormy weather and cold temperatures gives way to winter we put our focus on things that work well for us and take a thorough look at our own resources. The exchange with other women
warms the soul and mobilizes energies.

Our topics: Cold and warmth inside and outside.

Our program includes Qi Gong - meditation - breathing exercises - massage - energywork und walks by the sea and in the mountains.
We also offer crafting and knitting with Icelandic wool while listening to Icelandic sagas and music. As a part of our workshops are planned: a bonfire on the beach and learning an Icelandic song and some Icelandic words.  

Beween sessions there is enough time to explore the surroundings alone or in groups, for riding, sauna, cycling, swimming, riding lessons, get a massage, go for a walk in the beautiful city or if there are enough participants, visiting a sweat lodge. It is possible for trips outside of the program to hire a coach. 

Small groups: up to 12 participants


What is included
  • Outward and return journey by bus - Reykjavík - Þingeyri, a ride with a guide
  •  stay in double rooms
  • workshops

  • meals incl. and farewell dinner

  • 3-4 hour guided bustour

  • historic city walk

  • use of sauna and swimmingpool.

Fee 2015: 1.597 € or ca. 1.997 USD  (Fee 2016: 1.800 € or 1.945 USD)  Booking


Day 1: 

Participants get picked up either in Reykjavík or at the international airport in Keflavík. The bus journey to Þingeyri enables you to  take in the wonderful landscape. Along the way we stop: At hot springs (bring a bathing suit), special viewponts, historic places and places mentioned in sagas. We will take our time and arrive at our lodgings in the evening.

Day 2: - 9:15-12:15 and 15:00 - 18:00

Workshop:  Get your bearings: Guided historic city walk, walk by the sea. visit of the swimming pool. Introduction to Islandic wool and knitting. Topics: Take on storms, warmth, bodily warmth and opposites. In the morning and the evening Qi Gong.

Day 3:  - 8 - (open) and 20:30 - 21:30 

4-5 hour bus tour featuring fjords and villages in the vicinity. Afternoon open for what you want to do e.g. walks, horseback riding, swimming, montain biking, massage. In the morning and the evening Qi Gong. In the evening there is also time for feedback, exchange and knitting.

Day 4:  - 9:15 - 12:15 und 15:00 - 18:00 

Workshop:  Imaginery hourney, meditation, fumigating, guided  group massage. Walks. knitting, fairy tales and sagas, Singing with candlelight. Topics: Inner and outer warmth. Give and take. In the morning and the evening Qi Gong.

Day 5: - 9:15 - 12:15 and 20:00-21:00

Workshop: Creativity , light mountain walk (300m). Massage. Get together, hot stones, energywork. Topics: Give and take, I appreciate myself. In the morning and the evening Qi Gong.

Day 6: - 9:15 - 12:15 and 14:00 - 16:00 

Workshop: Qi Gong. Finish the work on your personal topics today. Afternoon open for what you want to do, e.g. to finish your work, walks, horseback riding, swimming, sauna, montain biking or a visit to Ísafjörður. Farewell party and festive dinner in Við Fjörðinn

Day 7: - Departure

Arrival in Reykjavík in the evening. 

Please note that our workshop is not a spa. 

I reserve the right to change the program or the program sequence. In the price, no individual travel insurance are included.